Oyster Mesh Market Bag

  • A bag as tough as the oysters that grow in them

    Oyster bags are used to grow and protect baby oyster seeds until they are ready to be planted on the ocean floor. This market bag, handmade by an oyster farmer from the same mesh, will hold all your stuff, minus the sand. Built to last in the harshest of environments, it’ll survive your trips to the beach, gym, and grocery store. Made by The Oyster Bag.

    100% of profits go to ocean and cancer organizations

  • Made to be better
    High density polyethylene
    Same material used for aquaculture equipment
    Handmade by an oyster farmer in Rhode Island
    Interior drawstring pouch (a bait bag for lobstering) holds small items
    Aqua clip on elastic strap hooks into the mesh to keep bag closed
    Orange theft warning tag is the same found on aquaculture equipment
    Size: 15x15x7 inches

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